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Hurstville Council
Hurstville Community Directory


Check Location?

Your search results will be listed with the records closest to the selected location, followed by records for organisations or groups nearby and then records from the rest of the database.

To change, click on “change location” and select from the list of suburbs provided, or select any other town by entering the suburb, town or postcode.


Do a Simple Search or use the Browse Categories or do an Advanced Search

After you do a search using one of the options above, the list of matching records will be displayed.

Simple Search

Enter terms (keywords or parts of the name of an organisation/group) and click “Do Search”

Browse Categories

Select keyword term from the Browse Categories list – you will then be given narrower or alternate headings to choose from and click “Do Search”.

Advanced Search

Click on Advanced Search to define search parameters before starting the search.


* The terms you enter will be matched against the start of words in the records. Word order and letter case are ignored.

* Don’t enter too much. Often just three or four letters from the start of a significant word is all you need (e.g. diab is enough to match records relating to diabetes).

Refine Search

If your search results are too broad you can select Modify Search to return to the search screen to add more terms or put terms in quotations marks e.g. “Child Care” or select New Search to return to a blank search screen to start again e.g. entering the precise name of the organisation in quotation marks.

Depending on your search you may have other options to refine your search further.

* Phone based services: Generally the service can be accessed over the phone. This would apply to information hotlines, telephone counselling services etc.

* Home delivered services: The service comes to you, generally there is no need to visit a location to access the service. eg. home delivery of products or services.

* Web sites: Record includes a web address.

* Documents: The record describes a document intended to be downloaded from the internet and printed. – eg. PDF files or Word documents.

* Services in nearby localities: choose from the list given to narrow the search to records located in a nearby suburb.

* Top target groups found on matching records: choose from the list given to narrow the search to records relevant to the target group.

* Top categories found on matching records: choose from the list given to narrow the search to records with other keywords.