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Aboriginal Aged Care

Aboriginal Aged Care - Riverina Murray


Government Agencies

Accommodation and Housing

Care and Support

Rights and Decision Making

Transport, Travel, Holidays and Leisure


Government Agencies

Accommodation and Housing

Care and Support

Rights and Decision Making

Transport, Travel, Holidays and Leisure


Addiction Services

Community Health Services

Health Support Groups

Mental Health Services

Sexual Assault Services

Abuse Counselling

Life Stages

Early Intervention


Education Aids

School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES)

Transition to Work




Community and Supported Living

Independent Housing

Homelessness and Low Cost Accommodation

Low Cost Food Services

Crisis Intervention Services

Financial Support

Care and Support

Household Tasks

Meals Provision

Personal Care

NDIS Providers

NDIS Accommodation and Tenancy

NDIS Assistance to access and maintain employment

NDIS Assist Personal Activities

NDIS Assistive products for personal care and safety

NDIS Assist-Life Stage Transition

NDIS Assist-Travel/Transport

NDIS Assistance Animals

NDIS Assistance to access and maintain employment

NDIS Assistive equipment for recreation

NDIS Assistive products for household tasks

NDIS Behaviour Support

NDIS Communication and information equipment

NDIS Community Nursing Care

NDIS Custom Prosthetics

NDIS Daily Tasks/Shared Living

NDIS Development-Life Skills

NDIS Early Childhood Supports

NDIS Exercise Physiology and Personal Training

NDIS Group/Centre Activities

NDIS Hearing Equipment

NDIS Hearing Services

NDIS Home Modification

NDIS Household Tasks

NDIS Innovative Community Participation

NDIS Interpret/Translate

NDIS Participate Community

NDIS Personal Activities High

NDIS Personal Mobility Equipment

NDIS Plan Management

NDIS Specialised Supported Employment

NDIS Specialised Disability Accommodation

NDIS Specialised Driver Training

NDIS Specialised Hearing Services

NDIS Specialised Supported Employment

NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Therapeutic Supports

NDIS Vehicle Modifications

NDIS Vision Equipment

Aids and Equipment

Assistive Technology

Home Modifications

Senior Years - Riverina Murray


Government Agencies

Accommodation and Housing

Care and Support

Rights and Decision Making

Transport, Travel, Holidays and Leisure

Learning and Life Skills


Life Skills

Money and Budgeting

Training and Employment

Rights and Decision Making

Disability Rights

Disability Rights Training

Relationships and Personal Wellbeing

Arts and Performance


NDIS Act - Disability by Type

Intellectual Disability


Cerebral Palsy

Genetic Conditions

Angelman Syndrome

Coffin-Lowry Syndrome in Males

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome

Cri du Chat Syndrome

Edwards syndrome (Trisomy 18 Full Form)

Epidermolysis Bullosa (severe forms)


Autosomal Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

Hallopeau-Siemens Type

Herlitz Junctional Epidermolysis Dystrophica

Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome

Leigh Syndrome


Alexander Disease (infantile and neonatal forms)

Canavan Disease

Krabbe Disease (Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy) – Infantile form

Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease (Connatal form)

Lysosomal Storage Disorders

Gaucher Disease Types 2 and 3

Niemann-Pick disease (Types A and C)

Pompe Disease

Sandhoff Disease Infantile Form

Schindler Disease Type 1

Tay-Sachs Disease (infantile form)


MPS 1-H Hurler Syndrome

MPS III San Fillipo Syndrome

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Severe Forms)

Patau syndrome

Rett Syndrome

Spinal Muscular Atrophies

Werdnig-Hoffmann Disease (SMA Type 1- Infantile form)

Dubowitz Disease (SMA Type II – Intermediate form)

X-linked Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal Cord Injury or Brain Injuries

Permanent Blindness

Permanent Bilateral Hearing Loss



Transport, Travel, Holidays and Leisure

Accessible Holidays

Accessible Private Transport

Driver Training and Testing

Motor Vehicle Modification

Driver Assessors (Occupational Therapists)

Public Toilets and Facilities


Assistance with health problems and conditions.

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1-2-3 Magic (Wagga Wagga)

13SICK, National Home Doctor Service


22q11 Foundation Australia & New Zealand

48 Hour Follow Up- Murrumbidgee Local Health District (Wagga Wagga)

Abbott (Macquarie Park)

Ability Technology (Forestville)

Ability Therapy (Wodonga)

Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council (Surry Hills)

Aboriginal Immunisation Health Worker (Wagga Wagga)

Aboriginal Maternal & Infant Health Service (Wagga Wagga)

Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) Co-op Ltd (Redfern)

Access Australia (AA)

Access Earth

Access Easy English (Mentone East)

Access Mental Health - ACT (Canberra)

Accessible Telecoms (Tumut)


Accommodation and Care Solutions (ACARES) (Highett)

ACON (Surry Hills)

ACON (Surry Hills)

ACON'S Anti-Violence Project (Surry Hills)

Acoustic Neuroma Association of Australia Inc (Blackburn)

ACT and Districts Stoma Association Inc (Canberra)

ACT Boccia (Greenway)

ACT Companion Dog Club Inc (Symonston)

ACT Deafness Resource Centre Inc (Holder)

ACT Down Syndrome Association (Pearce)

ACT Health Mental Health Services (Canberra)

ACT ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society Inc (Pearce)

ACT Multicultural Mental Health Network (ACTMMHN) (Canberra)

ACT/Queanbeyan Community Care (Turner)

ACTDRC (Holder)

Active Foot Clinic (Tumut)

Active Foot Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

Adahps (Darlinghurst)

ADDults with ADHD NSW Inc (North Ryde)

Adelong Men's Shed Inc (Adelong)

Adolescent and Family Counselling (Wagga Wagga)

Adria Village (Stirling)

Adult Communication Rehabilitation Program (North Sydney)

Adult/Youth Step Up Step Down Program - Wellways (Phillip)

Advanced Rehabilitation Management Service (ARMS) (Griffith)

Adverse Medicine Events (AME) Line (South Brisbane)

After Hours Emergency Prescription Service (St Leonards)

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)

Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) (Canberra)

Aged Care Assessment Team (Griffith)

Aged Care Child and Family Disability Services (Wagga Wagga)

AGOSCI Inc - National

AGOSCI Inc NSW Representative

AHS Suicide Support Service

Ai-Media (North Sydney)

AIDER Program (Assist Infirm, Disabled and Elderly Residents)

AIDS Trust of Australia

Air Liquide Healthcare (Alexandria)

Airservices Australia Noise Complaints and Information Service

AIVL - Australian Injecting and Illicit Drug Users League Inc (Turner)

Al - Anon Family Groups Southern NSW Area includes ACT (Hurstville)

Al-Anon Family Groups Australia Pty Ltd (Melbourne)

Albion Street Centre (Surry Hills)

Albury Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) (Albury)

Albury Community Health Service - Women's Health Nurse (Albury)

Albury Community Mental Health Service (Albury)

Albury Itinerant Support Teachers - For the Hearing Impaired (Albury)

Albury Mercy Palliative Care Service (Albury)

Albury Prosthetic and Orthotic Service - APOS (Lavington)

Albury Wodonga Health Community Rehabilitation Centre - Dietitian (Albury)

Albury Wodonga Health Rehabilitation Service (Wodonga)

Albury wodonga Health Service (Albury)

Alcohol & Drug Information Service (North Sydney)

Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) (Darlinghurst)

Alcohol and Other Drugs Project (Surry Hills)

Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) (Annerley)

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) (Gosford)

Alcoholics Anonymous (Wagga Wagga)

Alcoholics Anonymous Australia - General Service Office (Arncliffe)

Alexanders Toybox

All Saints' Anglican Parish of Tumut (Tumut)

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (Castle Hill)

Allergy and Environmental Sensitivity Support and Research Association Inc (AESSRA)

Alliance Community (Lyneham)

Allowah Presbyterian Children's Hospital (Dundas Valley)

Altro APAC Pty Ltd (Rowville)

Amaranth Foundation (Corowa)

Amaranth Foundation (Wagga Wagga)

Amputee Children's Society

Amputee Golf Association NSW Inc (Moruya)

Andrology Australia (Melbourne)


Angelman Syndrome Association Australia

Angelman Syndrome Association Australia (ASAA)

Anger Management (Wagga Wagga)

Anglicare (Holt)

Anglicare Adoption Services (Telopea)

Anglicare Chesalon Malabar (Malabar)

Anglicare NSW South, NSW West and ACT, Disability and ECEC Portfoliio (Goulburn)

Antra - Australia & New Zealand Tongzhi Rainbow Alliance

Anxiety Disorders Information Line (East Sydney)

Apert Syndrome Support Contact (Darlinghurst)

Arden Medical Equipment (North Melbourne)

Ardlethan Day Care Medical Centre (Ardlethan)

Are You Fit to Drive - NSW Transport - Roads & Maritime Services

Argyle Community Housing Ltd (Griffith)

Arjo - SA (Regency Park)

Arjo - NSW (Macquarie Park)

Arjo - QLD (Murarrie)

Arjo - WA (OConnor)

Armenian Apostolic Church of Holy Ressurection (Chatswood)

Armenian National Committee of Australia -Western Sydney Office (Bonnyrigg)

Arndell School (North Ryde)

Art of Living Foundation (Crace)

Arthritis & Osteoporosis NSW (North Ryde)

Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW (North Ryde)

Arthritis Australia (Glebe)

Arthritis Foundation of the ACT including Osteoporosis ACT (Bruce)

Arthritis Self Management Course (Bruce)

Asbestos Diseases Foundation of Australia Inc (Granville)

ASD Visual Aids - Sense Toys

Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia Inc (ASPIA) (Burwood)

Aspire Canterbury (Linwood,Christchurch New Zealand)

Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AIS) (Sydney)

Asthma Australia - NSW (Chatswood)

Asylum Seekers Centre (Newtown)

Audio Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

Aunty Jeans Program - Cootamundra (Cootamundra)

Aunty Jeans Program - Darlington Point (Darlington Point)

Aunty Jeans Program - Deniliquin (Deniliquin)

Aunty Jeans Program - Griffith (Griffith)

Aunty Jeans Program - Leeton (Leeton)

Aunty Jeans Program - Tumut (Tumut)

Aunty Jeans Program - Wagga Wagga (Ashmont)

Aurora Regional Services (Bathurst)

AusEE Inc

Australasian College Of Natural Therapies (Surry Hills)

Australasian Lymphology Association

Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation Inc (Redland Bay)

Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong and Feng Shui Academy of China (Croydon)

Australian Action on Pre-Eclampsia Inc (AAPEC)

Australian Addisons Disease Association Inc

Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) (South Melbourne)

Australian Breastfeeding Association (Chifley)

Australian Breastfeeding Association (Wagga Wagga)

Australian Breastfeeding Association - ACT NSW Branch Office (Glenhaven)

Australian Breastfeeding Association-National Office (South Melbourne)

Australian Citizens Radio Emergency Monitors Inc (Cessnock)

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) (Ultimo)

Australian Council of Natural Family Planning (ACNFP) Inc

Australian Cystinosis Support Group (Pinjarra)

Australian DeafBlind Council (ADBC)

Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013) - Food for Health, a Guide to Healthy Eating

Australian Donor Conception Network

Australian Doula College (ADC)

Australian Dyslexia Foundation (varsity lakes)

Australian Ectodermal Dysplasia Support Group (Bridgeman Downs)

Australian Federation of Aids Organisations (AFAO) (Newtown)

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing (Canberra)

Australian Home Care Services (AHCS) - NSW Head Office (Alexandria)

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) (Bruce)

Australian Institute of Learning & Cognitive Development (AILCD) International P/L (Hornsby)

Australian Iranian Community Organisation (Harris Park)

Australian Leukodystrophy Support Group Inc (ALDS) (Blackburn)

Australian Men's Health Forum

Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA)

Australian Multiple Birth Association - National Office

Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Inc

Australian Myasthenic Association Inc NSW Incorporated (Frenchs Forest)

Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (ANUHD) (Redfern)

Australian NPC Disease Foundation Inc

Australian Organ Donor Register (Canberra)

Australian Pituitary Foundation (APF) - National Office

Australian Podiatry Association (Brunswick East)

Australian Pompe Association (APA)

Australian Red Cross - Social Inclusion Programs (Garran)

Australian Red Cross Blood Service (Sydney)

Australian Red Cross Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Australian Sign Language Interpreter Association

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH) (Sydney South)

Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT)

Australian Speak Easy Association NSW/ACT Branch (St Pauls)

Australian Tibetan Society (Killara)

Australian Tinnitus Association (NSW) Ltd (Mascot)

Australian Tomatis Method (Edgecliff)

Australian Unity Far West (Broken Hill)

Australian Unity Home Care - Narrandera (Narrandera)

Australian Unity Home Care Service - Aboriginal Branch (Nowra)

Australian Unity Home Care Service - Farrer (Albury)

Australian-Cook Islands Community Council NSW (Blackett)

Austroads - Private Vehicle Responsibilities

Autism Advisor Program (AAP) (Frenchs Forest)

Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia (A4)

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) - Positive Behaviour Support (Frenchs Forest)

Autism Spectrum Australia (Frenchs Forest)

Autism Spectrum Australia Wagga Satellite Class (Wagga Wagga)

Autism Spectrum Education Services (Mulgrave)

Autism STEP Australia (Blacktown)

Autoimmune Resource and Research Centre (ARRC) (New Lambton Hts)

Avant Innovations (Silverwater)

AWH Speech Pathology Service (Albury)

Baby in Mind

Balranald Health Services and Multi Purpose Service (Balranald)

Baptist Care - Riverina Dementia Support (Wagga Wagga)

Baptist Care Social Club - Red Hill (Red Hill)

Baptist Social and Activity Group (Cootamundra)

BaptistCare - Women's Counselling and Family Services (Bankstown)

BaptistCare Counselling and Family Services - Facing Up Program (Bankstown)

BaptistCare Griffith (Griffith)

Barefoot Freedom - Foot and Ankle Clinic (St Leonards)

Batlow Adelong Health Service (Batlow)

Batten Disease Support and Research Association (Australian Chapter) (Killarney Vale)

Be Connected

Be You - Beyond Blue

Beachwood Recovery House (Curl Curl)

Bear Cottage, Childrens Hospice, Manly (Manly)

Beckwith - Wiedemann Syndrome Support Network

Being|Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group (Woolloomooloo)

Belconnen Community Health Centre ACT Health (Belconnen)

Benevolent Society (Griffith)

Benevolent Society (Werrington)

Benevolent Society - Disability Services (Liverpool)

Better Health Company (Abbotsford)

Better Hearing Australia (BHA) Canberra (Hughes)

Better Hearing Australia Inc - Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Beyond Blue (Hawthorn West)

BeyondHousing (Wangaratta)

Bidgee Dragons Inc. (Wagga Wagga)

Bilby Publishing and Consulting Pty Ltd (Kanoona)

Bill McKenzie Gardens (Page)

Billings Leaders in Fertility Education (LIFE) - National Office (East Burwood)

Bio-Balance Health Association (Gold Coast)

Bloom Hearing Specialists (Wagga Wagga)

Blooms the Chemist (Wagga Wagga)

bloom™ hearing specialists Australia (Port Melbourne)

Blue Knot Foundation


Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (Surry Hills)

Body Image: Talking with Teenagers

Bone Marrow Transplant CNC (Westmead)

Bowel Group for Kids Inc (BGK)

BP Exercise Physiology (Tumut)

Bradfordville Family Medical Centre (Goulburn)

Brain Foundation - National Office (Crows Nest)

Brain Injury Australia Limited (Putney)

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program (BIRP) (Randwick)

Brain Injury Service - The Children's Hospital Westmead (Westmead)

Brainwave Australia (St Kilda)

Bravehearts Foundation Pty Ltd (Springwood)

Breast Cancer Network Australia (Sydney)

Breast Cancer Trials (Newcastle)

Breast Screen NSW - Murrumbidgee and Southern Local Health District (Wagga Wagga)

BrightSky Australia (Newington)

Brindabella Hearing and Speech Centre (Deakin)

Brungle Health and Community Aboriginal Corporation (Brungle)

Building Strong Foundations (Wagga Wagga)

Bupa aged care - Griffith (Griffith)

Bupa Tumut (Tumut)

Burn Bright (Thornleigh)

Burns Support Foundation Inc

Burrangiri Crisis, Respite and Day Care Centre for the Aged (Rivett)

C.G. Jung Society of Sydney (Sydney)

Caloola Centre For Aged Care (Wagga Wagga)

Calvary Community Care - Sydney Service Centre (Beverley Park)

Calvary Riverina Drug and Alcohol Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Calvary Riverina Hospital (Wagga Wagga)

Calvary Riverina Surgicentre (Wagga Wagga)

Camp Jabiru (Hobartville)

Camp Quality Puppets (McMahon's Point)

Can Assist (Sydney)

CAN Assist (Tumut)

Can Too Foundation (Woolloomooloo)

Canavan Foundation

Canberra Aged Care Facility (Lyneham)

Canberra Injury Management Centre (Deakin)

Cancer Australia (Surry Hills)

Cancer Connect (Woolloomooloo)

Cancer Council - Telephone Support Group

Cancer Council Australia (Sydney)

Cancer Council Helpline (Woolloomooloo)

Cancer Council NSW Western Region Office (Wagga Wagga)

Cancer Directory

Cancer Information and Support Society (St Leonards)

Cancer information for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people | Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Voices NSW

CanTeen - National Office / Sydney & Central NSW (Newtown)

Capper Street Physiotherapy (Tumut)

Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia (CMAA) Ltd

Cardiomyopathy Association of Australia Ltd

Cardiomyopathy Australia - NSW contact (Mosman)

Care Call Emergency Response (Macquarie Park)

Care Squared (Milton)

Carer Assist - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Carers Australia (Holt)

Carers NSW (North Sydney)

Carers NSW Carer Line


CareSearch Project

CareSouth (Wagga Wagga)

Carevan Wagga Wagga Inc (Wagga Wagga)

Carey Gardens Centre for Aged Care (Red Hill)

Casuarina Lodge (Westmead)

Catholic Healthcare Community Services - Riverina/Murray (Wagga Wagga)

Catholic Schools NSW (Sydney)

CatholicCare - CHOICES and Aged Care Services (Watson)

Cathy Hurman Consulting

Cello Paper - Melbourne (Moorabbin)

Cello Paper - Sydney (Fairfield)

Centacare South West NSW (Wagga Wagga)

Central Coast Local Health District Cannabis Clinic (Gosford)

Central Wagga Child Care Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Centre for Social Research in Heath (CSRH) (UNSW)

Centrelink - Social Work Services

Cerebellar Ataxia Australia Inc.

Cerebral Palsey Alliance - Equipment Services (Allambie Heights)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (Allambie Heights)

Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Rural Therapy Services - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Cerebral Palsy Australia (Sydney)

Cerebral Palsy Guidance - US

Cerebral Palsy League - My LIfe Consultancy (Brisbane)

Cerebral Palsy Sporting & Recreation Association (CPSARA) of NSW (Sydney)

Cerebral Palsy: Overview and Diagnosis

Charcot Marie Tooth Association of Australia (CMTAA) - Support Group Mackay (North Mackay)

Charcot Marie Tooth Association of Australia Inc (CMTAA) (Concord Repatriation Hospital)

CHARGE Syndrome Association 

Cheeky Echidna

Chemist Outlet - Discount Chemist (Lisarow)

Child and Family Health Service - Tumut/Gundagai/ Tumbarumba area. (Tumut)

Child and Family Health Service- Deniliquin (Deniliquin)

Child Care Seats

Children's Cancer Institute- Charity (UNSW)

Children's Medical Research Institute (Westmead)

Children's Tumour Foundation (Five Dock)

Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (Camperdown)

Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC)

Chronic Pain Australia (Parramatta)

CICADA Australia Inc (Gladesville)

CICADA Queensland (Capalaba)

Cincotta Chemist- Merrylands HO (Merrylands)

CJD Support Group Network

Clare Holland House (Barton)


Clinell (GAMA Healthcare Australia) (Frankston)

Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression (CRUfAD) (Darlinghurst)

Co-dependents Anonymous - Australia

Cochlear Ltd (Macquarie University)

CoDA Australasia (Sydney)

Coeliac Australia (Waitara)

Coffin-Lowry Syndrome Foundation

Colostomy Association of Victoria Inc (CAV) (Melbourne)

Combined Pensioners & Superannuants Association of NSW Inc (CPSA) (Parramatta)

Communication Disorders Treatment and Research Clinic (Lidcombe)

Communities @ Work - Programs for Seniors (Greenway)

Community Continence Advisor (Wagga Wagga)

Community Health Centre (Junee)

Community Health Centre - Coolamon (Coolamon)

Community Health Centre - Henty (Henty)

Community Health Centre - Holbrook (Holbrook)

Community Health Centre - Leeton (Leeton)

Community Health Centre - Lockhart (Lockhart)

Community Health Centre - Temora (Temora)

Community Health Centre - West Wyalong (West Wyalong)

Community Health Centre Hillston (Hillston)

Community Health Centre, Griffith (Griffith)

Community Health Centre, Tumbarumba (Tumbarumba)

Community Health Team - Tocumwal and Finley (Finley)

Community Health- Culcairn (Culcairn)

Community Housing Implementation Programme (CHIP) (North Parramatta)

Community Inclusion (Wangaratta)

Community Nurse - Narrandera (Narrandera)

Community Nursing and Palliative Care (Temora)

Community Nursing Service - Leeton (Leeton)

Community Options Australia (Artarmon)

Community Rehabilitation Team (Phillip)

Community Services Directorate (Canberra)


COMPEER Friendship Program (Canberra)

Complaints Resolution and Referral Service (CRRS) (Redfern)

Concord Repatriation General Hospital (Concord Repatriation Hospital)

Connect Hearing - Brisbane (Spring Hill)

Connect Hearing - Kingston (Kingston)

Connect Me Counselling & NDIS Services (Tumbarumba)


Consumer Guides - Allied Health Services

Consumers Health Forum of Australia Ltd (Deakin)

Continence Advisory Service (CAS) (Green Point)

Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) in NSW (Newington)

Continence Foundation of Australia Ltd (CFA) (Surrey Hills)

Contraceptive Services (Sydney)

Coolamon Regional Medical Centre (Coolamon)

Coota Back & Foot Clinic (Cootamundra)

Cootamundra Diabetes Education (Cootamundra)

Cootamundra Meals on Wheels (MOW) (Cootamundra)

Coral Tree Family Service (North Ryde)

Core of Life (Wagga Wagga)

Cornelia de Lange Syndrome Association (CdLSA) Australasia Inc

Council on the Ageing NSW (COTA) (Sydney)

Country Hope (Wagga Wagga)

CP Quest - Community and Researchers together for Cerebral Palsy Research (Allambie Hts)

Craniofacial Australia (North Adelaide)

Cri Du Chat Support Group of Australia Inc

Crohn's and Colitis Australia (Hawthorn)

CSU Asthma Alert Register

CTA Australia (Keilor Park)

Cult Information and Family Support Inc (CIFS)

Cure Blindness Australia Inc (Strathfield)

Cure HHT

Cystic Fibrosis Australia (North Ryde)

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care NSW (Burwood)

Dads Care 4 Kids (Wagga Wagga)

Dads in Distress

Dads in Distress (DIDs) (Coffs Harbour)

David Evian Behavioural Optometrist, Pediatric Optometry,Traumatic Brain Injury (St Leonards)

Day to Day Living (Tuggeranong)

Day to Day Living Program (D2DL) (Greenway)

DCT Associates Pty Ltd (Athelstone)

Deaf Australia (NSW) Inc (Parramatta)

Deaf Sports Australia (East Melbourne)

Deafness Forum of Australia (DFA) (Braddon)

DEBRA Australia (Pittsworth)

Defence Special Needs Support Group (DSNSG)

Delta Society ACT Branch (Deakin)

Delta Society Australia Ltd (Summer Hill)

Dementia Australia - Barton Office (Barton)

Dementia Australia - NSW Head Office

Dementia Australia ACT (Kaleen)

Dementia Australia National

Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS)

Dementia Education and Support Service (Wagga Wagga)

Dementia Support Australia

Dementia Support Helpline

Deniliquin Community Health Centre (Deniliquin)

Dental Council of New South Wales (Sydney)

Denton Cook Pty Ltd (Castle Hill)

Department of Community Services - Helpline

Department of Health (Woden)

Department of Health and Human Services (Wodonga)

Department of Human Services - Disability Case Management Services (Seymour)

Department of Veterans' Affairs (Surry Hills)


DES Action Australia Inc

DES Action NSW (Thornleigh)

Detour House Inc. (Glebe)

DGB Group P/L t/a HomeCare Australia (Hollywell)

Dhammakaya International Society of Australia Inc. (Berrilee)

Diabetes and Medical Supplies Pty Ltd

Diabetes and Medical Supplies Pty Ltd

Diabetes Australia - National Office (Turner)

Diabetes NSW & ACT (Glebe)

Diabetes NSW (Wagga Wagga)

Dial Before You Dig

Disability Rights Information Service (Redfern)

Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc - Sydney (DSAA) (Sydney)

Doctors Reform Society (Rydalmere)

Dogs for Life

Dolleina Pty Ltd (Toronto)

Down Syndrome Australia (Abbotsford)

Down Syndrome NSW (North Parramatta)

Dr A Forrest, Ear Nose and Throat Specialist (Dee Why)

Dr Brent Skippen, Ophthalmic and Ocuplastic Surgeon (Wagga Wagga)

Dr Ganesh Thambipillay, Paediatric Sleep Physician (Wagga Wagga)

Dr John Preddy, Paediatrician (Wagga Wagga)

Dr Linda Goddard (Albury)

Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation Service (Kambah)

Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre (DAMEC)- Blacktown (Blacktown)

Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre (DAMEC)- Liverpool (Liverpool)

Drug and Alcohol Multicultural Education Centre (DAMEC)- Redfern (Head Office) (North Sydney)

DryBib Australia, BigBandana Bibs

Dying With Dignity NSW (DWD NSW) (Ultimo)

Dyirri-Bang-Gu Aboriginal Corporation Aged Care Services (Griffith)

Early Autism Intervention Canberra (Canberra)

East West Online Pty Ltd

Eat Well Live Well

Eczema Association of Australasia Inc (Thornlands)

Educational Services (Albury)

ELDAC - Palliative care helpline

Elderly Australian Chinese Homes NSW Co-operative Limited (Croydon)

Elouera Special School Cootamundra (Cootamundra)

Elsie Refuge for Women and Children Inc (Glebe)

Emerge Australia Inc (Melbourne)

Emergency ID Australia

Endometriosis Association QLD Inc

Engaging Adolescents Parenting Course (Wagga Wagga)

Enhanced Adult Community Living Support Service (Wagga Wagga)

Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc (Jannali)

Epilepsy Action Australia (Epping)

Epilepsy Australia

Epworth Rehabilitation Camberwell (Camberwell)

Equibuilt Pty Ltd (Randwick)

eSafety Commissioner


Essential Medical Equipment Payment

Estella Medical and Dental Centre (Estella)

Ethnic Community Services Co-operative Ltd. (ECSC) (Marrickville)

Everyday Independence (Kotara)

EveryMan (Civic)

Everything you need to know about Cerebral Palsy

Exit International (Darwin)

Exit International Australia

Fabry Australia Inc

FACS Housing NSW - Griffith (Griffith)

Familial Cancer Service (Westmead)

Families and Friends of Missing Persons Unit (FFMPU) (Parramatta)

Family & Carer Mental Health Program (Queanbeyan)

Family Advocacy (Hornsby)

Family and Community Services, Community Services - Tumut (Tumut)

Family and Community Servies - Housing Services (Queanbeyan)

Family and Relationship Counselling (Wagga Wagga)

Family Drug Support (FDS)

Family Law Network Australia

Family Planning NSW (Ashfield)

Family Planning NSW Shop (Ashfield)

Family Planning NSW Talkline (FPNSW) (Newcastle)

Family Referral Service (Wagga Wagga)

Family Relationship Advice Line

Family Relationship Services Australia (Fyshwick)

Family Relationships Online

Feldenkrais Method (Ashfield)

Ferguson Lodge (Lidcombe)

Flavour Creations (Acacia Ridge)

Flourish Australia (Tumut)

Flourish Australia (Wagga Wagga)

Flourish Australia - Buckingham House (Surry Hills)

Flourish Australia - Goulburn (Goulburn)

FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Education (Wagga Wagga)

Focus Optometry (Albury)

Food I Am (Wagga Wagga)

FOODCents (Wagga Wagga)

Footprint Books (Warriewood)

Forest Hill Medical Centre (Forest Hill)

Foundation 49

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Deakin)

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE)

Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST)

Fragile X Association of Australia Inc (Brookvale)

Frank Fenner Foundation (Acton)

Fred Ward Gardens (Curtin)

Frederic House (Waterloo)

Freeman House (Armidale)

Friedreich's Ataxia Research Association (FARA)

Friendly Faces Helping Hands Foundation (Boggabri)

Friendly Schools Program

From Triage to Discharge : A Users Guide to Navigating Hospitals

FSHD Global Research Foundation Ltd (Sydney)

Full Stop Foundation

Functional Assessment and Behaviour Interventions Clinic (FABIC) (Carrara)

Funnyworks Oz (Gowrie)

G-Line (NSW)

Gam-Anon (Fairfield)

Gambling Help Counselling (Wagga Wagga)

Gambling Help Online

Gambling Help Online (Camden)

Gambling Impact Society (NSW) Inc. (Nowra)

Garrawarra Centre (Waterfall)

Gaucher Association of Australia and New Zealand

Gay and Married Men's Association NSW Inc (Surry Hills)

Genetic Alliance Australia (Darlinghurst)

Gerard Webster and Associates (Surry Hills)

Get Healthy NSW

Glenrock Country Practice (Wagga Wagga)

Global Counselling Solutions P/L (GCS) (Castle Hill)

Global Lead Advice and Support Service (GLASS)

Good Therapy Australia

GoodvVibes (Singleton)

Gorman House - Detoxification Unit (Darlinghurst)

Gralee School Leeton (Leeton)

Grandparents Doing it Tough Support Group (Wagga Wagga)


Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service (Griffith)

Griffith Aged Support Service (Griffith)

Griffith Base Hospital (Griffith)

Griffith Community Centre (Griffith)

GROW (Wagga Wagga)

GROW - A 12 Step Program of Personal Growth, Warrawong (South Lismore)

Grow Centre- Grow Group (Narrabundah)

Grow NSW (South Lismore)

GROW NSW - Residential Rehabilitation Program (West Hoxton)

Guardian Safety Pendants (Warwick)

Guillain-Barre Syndrome Association of NSW Inc

Gundagai Hospital and Health Services - Community Health (Gundagai)

Gundagai Neighbourhood Centre Inc (Gundagai)

Guthrie House (Enmore)


Haemochromatosis Australia

Haemophilia Foundation ACT Inc (Canberra)

Haemophilia Foundation Australia Inc (Malvern East)

Haemophilia Foundation NSW (HFNSW) Inc (Ultimo)

HART Sport (Aspley)

Hay Shire Council Multi Service Outlet (Hay)

Head to Health

Headache Australia (Crows Nest)

headspace Canberra (Braddon)

Headspace Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Health and Arts Research Centre, Inc

Health One - Community Health, Cootamundra (Cootamundra)

Health Promotion Service Office for Students (Wagga Wagga)

Health Retreat at Home



Healthdirect Australia

Healthe Care (Sydney)

HealthOne Corowa (Corowa)

Healthy Kids Association (St Leonards)

Hearing Aid Specialists (Riverina) (Wagga Wagga)

Hearing Australia - Albury (Albury)

Hearing Australia - Canberra (Canberra City)

Hearing Australia - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Hearing Connections (North Rocks)

Hearing Information Line

Hearing Matters Australia (Macquarie University)

Hearing Services Program (Canberra)

Hearing Voices Network NSW (HVN)

Heart Support Australia (HSA) Head Office (Phillip)

Heart Support Australia - Fairfield and District Branch (Fairfield)

Heartkids LTD (East Brisbane)

Heartkids NSW/ACT Inc (Crows Nest)


HenderCare (Adelaide)

Hepatitis Infoline (Surry Hills)

Hepatitis NSW (Surry Hills)

Hepatitis Victoria (Brunswick)

Heterosexual HIV Service NSW (Camperdown)

HIV/AIDS Legal Centre (HALC) (Surry Hills)

Home from Home Respite (Deakin)

Homebirth Access Sydney

Homicide Victims Support Group (Australia) Inc (Parramatta)

Housing ACT Gateway Services Central Access Point (Belconnen)

Human Services Network (HSNet) (Liverpool)

Hume Riverina Community Legal Service (HRCLS) (Wodonga)

Hunter Prosthetics and Orthotics Service (New Lambton)

Huntington's NSW (West Ryde)

Hydrocephalus Support Association Inc (Belmore)

IFFA (Interuption for Fetal Abnormality) Support Group

Ileostomy Association (Victoria) Inc (Melbourne)

Immigrant Women's Speakout Association of NSW Inc (Harris Park)

Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia (IDFA)

Impotence Australia (Sydney)

Independent Hearing Centre (Balmain)

Independent Hearing Centre - Double Bay Centre (Double Bay)

Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA) (Deakin)

Inekards (Lane Cove)

Ink Brush Art Therapy (Canberra)

InsideOut - Institute for Eating Disorders (Camperdown)

integratedliving Australia Ltd (Muswellbrook)

integratedliving Australia Ltd (Newcastle West)

Intereach - Respite Care and Carer Support Services (Deniliquin)

Intereach Ltd (Deniliquin)

Intouch Direct - Head Office (Keysborough)


Irlen Diagnostic Clinic - Newcastle (Wallsend)

Irlen Dyslexia Centre - Sydney (Beverly Hills)

Jarrah House (Little Bay)

Jean Hailes for Women's Health (Clayton)

Jesmry Counselling Services


Jill Sherlock Memorial Learning Assistance Library (Oatlands)

Joseph Varga School (Randwick)

Joyland Carers Retreat (Coffs Harbour)

Judith Hyam Memorial Trust Fund for Cancer Research (North Rocks)

Junee Day Care Centre (Junee)

Junee Hospital & Health Services - Physiotherapy and OT (Junee)

Just Better Care - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) (St Leonards)

Karitane (Carramar)

Karitane Careline

Kedesh Moana Vale Day program (Mona Vale)

Khmer Community of NSW Inc (Bonnyrigg)

Kiddies Food Kutter

Kidney Health Australia (Chatswood)

Kidney Health Australia (South Melbourne)

Kidney Health Australia - Information Service (South Melbourne)

Kidney Health Australia - South Australia (Adelaide)

Kids and Traffic, Early Childhood Road Safety Education Program (Macquarie University)

Kids Health (Westmead)

Kids Helpline

Kidsafe NSW (Westmead)

KidSkills (Griffith)

Kincaid Medical and Dental Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Klippel Feil Syndrome Support Group (Kogarah)

Knights of the Southern Cross (NSW) Inc. (Sydney)

Kooringal Medical Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Kooringal Pharmacy (Wagga Wagga)

Korthotics Pty Ltd (Guildford)

Kristin Dore and Associates Speech Pathology Service (Wagga Wagga)

KRS Health Family Medical Service (Wagga Wagga)

Kurrajong Therapy Plus (Griffith)

Kurrajong Therapy Plus (Tatton)

Land's Edge Sydney Harbour (Mosman)

Laryngectomee Association of NSW Inc (South Bowenfels)

Laryngectomee Association of Victoria Inc (South Yarra)

Laverty (North Ryde)

Learning Difficulties Coalition (LDC) NSW Inc

Learning Difficulties Coalition (LDC) Parent Helpline

Legal Aid NSW Refugee Service (Bankstown)

Legal Information for Deaf People going to NSW Local Court

Lesch-Nyhan Disease International Study Group

Let's Move Australia (Gymea)

Let's Move Australia (Oyster Bay)

Leukaemia Foundation (Artarmon)

Life Education NSW (Colyton)

Life Skills 4 Kids (Forster)

Life Supports Counselling for Positive Change (Melbourne)

LifeCircle Australia


Lifeline Albury Wodonga

Lifeline Sydney (Ashfield)

Lifetime Care and Support Authority (Sydney)

LikeMind (Wagga Wagga)

Lilier Lodge (Wagga Wagga)

Limb and Musculoskeletal Service, Kids Rehab (Westmead)

Limb Management Service at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick (Randwick)

Limbkids Support Association Inc (West Burleigh)

Limbs for Life

Linden Place Inc. Wagga Wagga Child Sexual Assault Counselling Service (Wagga Wagga)

Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation (Ropes Crossing)

Link-Up NSW Aboriginal Corporation (Ropes Crossing)

Linking Communities Network (Griffith)

Linking Communities Network Ltd - Youth Links Inc (Griffith)

LiveBig Therapy and Assessment Services (Sydney)


Living My Way Ltd. (Menai)

Lizard Children's Centre (Lane Cove)

Local Mobility (Cardiff and Maitland) (Cardiff)

Look for Life Foundation (Randwick)

Lookinglass (Adelaide)

Loreto Home of Compassion (Wagga Wagga)

Lourdes Hospital and Community Health Service (Dubbo)

Lung Foundation Australia (Milton)

Lung Life Support Group (Stirling)

Lupus Support Group (North Ryde)

Lutanda (Burwood)

Lymphoedema Support Group of NSW (Wahroonga)

Maari Ma - Aboriginal Primary Heathcare Provider (Broken Hill)

Macarthur Mobility (Narellan)

Macquarie ADHD Parent Support Group Inc (North Ryde)

Macquarie University Centre for Emotional Health Clinic (CEHC) (Macquarie University)

Magnamail (Alexandria)

Make-A-Wish Australia - National Office (Richmond)

Making Aquatics a Terrific Experience™ (MATE) (Castle Hill)

Maltese Community Council of NSW (Greystanes)

Managing Anxiety Hyson Green Day Program (Bruce)

Marathon Health (Lavington)

Marathon Health (Wagga Wagga)

Marathon Health - Integrated Team Care Program (Wagga Wagga)

Marie Stopes Australia (Melbourne)

Marine Rescue NSW (Cronulla)

Mary Potter Nursing Home (Wagga Wagga)

Mathoura Community Health Centre (Mathoura)

Me Well (Preston)

ME/CFS & FM Association NSW

Meals on Wheels - Narrandera (Narrandera)

Medibank Health Solutions

Medical Council of NSW (Gladesville)

Medical Energy Rebates

Medical Library - Albury Wodonga Health (Albury)

Medifab (East Devonport)

Medtronic Australasia Office (Macquarie Park)


Men's Health Information and Resource Centre (Richmond)

Men's Health Services (HAMILTON)

Men's Referral Service (MRS)

Meningitis Centre Australia Inc (Nedlands)

MensLine Australia (Footscray)

Mental Health Advocacy Service (Burwood)

Mental Health Carers NSW (Woolloomooloo)

Mental Health Carers Voice Program (Holt)

Mental Health Coordinating Council Inc (Lilyfield)

Mental Health Family and Carer Support Program (Wagga Wagga)

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health Foundation ACT Inc (Chifley)

Mental Health Foundation Short Term Accommodation (Respite) (Kambah)

Mental Health Line

Mental Health Outreach Program- Keeping Family Connected (Holt)

Mental Health Recovery Program Wagga (Wagga Wagga)

Mental Health Review Tribunal (Gladesville)

Mental Illness Education ACT (Canberra)

Mercy Health - Community Therapy Unit (Albury)

Mercy Health Home and Community Care (Young)

Merri Health (Wangaratta)

Mesothelioma Center

Metier Medical (Cessnock)

Michael O'Reilly Chemist (Wagga Wagga)

Microtia Australia

Mighty Minds (Wagga Wagga)

Migraine Enquiries Line

Mind Health Connect 

Mind Spot

Mindd Foundation (Edgecliff)

Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (SANDS) (Surrey Hills)

Mission Australia - Newcastle (Newcastle)

Mission Australia - Triple Care Farm (Robertson)

Mission Australia Gambling Help (Wagga Wagga)

MLHD Aged Care Services - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)


Mobile Respite Response Team (Kaleen)


Mollii Australia (Birtinya)

Monash Day Club (Monash)

MotherSafe (Randwick)

Motion as Medicine (West Wyalong)

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Australia

Motor Neurone Disease Association of NSW Inc (Gladesville)

Motor Neurone Disease Australia Inc (MNDA) (Deakin)

Motorcycle Council of NSW Inc (Concord)

MS - Hunter Region

MS Australia (North Sydney)

MS Society – ACT/NSW/VIC/ TAS (Lidcombe)

Mucopolysaccharide (MPS) and Related Diseases Society Aust Ltd

Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW Inc - Griffith (Griffith)

Multicultural HIV and Hepatitis Service (Camperdown)

Multicultural Problem Gambling Service for NSW (MPGS)

Murray Vale Shalem - Amaroo Dementia Day Club (Lavington)

Murrumbidgee Diabetes Association Inc (Griffith)

Murrumbidgee Local Health District (Wagga Wagga)

Murrumbidgee Local Health District - Clinical Nurse Consultant Wound Management/Stomal Therapy (Wagga Wagga)

Murrumburah-Harden Health Service (Harden)

Muscular Dystrophy Australia (MDA) (North Melbourne)

My Care Plus (Bankstown)

My Health Record

My Healthy Mind (Benowa)

My Hospitals

My Joint Pain


Myeloma Foundation of Australia Inc (Myeloma Australia) (Richmond)

Nan Tien Temple (Berkeley)

Nana's Weighted Blankets (Rutherford)

Nar Anon Family Groups [Australia] Inc (Balgowlah Heights)

Narcolepsy and Overwhelming Daytime Sleep Society (NODSS) of Australia (Melbourne)

Narcotics Anonymous (Alexandria)

Narcotics Anonymous (Wagga Wagga)

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (Civic)

National Aboriginal Sports Corporation Australia (NASCA) (Redfern)

National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG) NSW Inc (Dubbo)

National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect Inc (Surry Hills)

National Association of People with HIV Australia (Newtown)

National Auslan Booking Service (NABS)

National Breast Cancer Foundation (Sydney)

National Carer Counselling Program (NCCP) (North Sydney)

National Centre For Childhood Grief (NCCG) (Denistone East)

National Cervical Cancer Screening Program (NCCSP) (Eveleigh)

National Counselling and Referral Service

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) (Canberra)

National Hearing Care (Wagga Wagga)

National Heart Foundation of Australia (NSW Division) (Woolloomooloo)

National Heart Foundation of Australia (WA Division) (Subiaco)

National Home Doctors Service

National Immunisation Program Schedule

National Interpreting and Communication Services (NICSS)

National OT

National Safety Council Of Australia (NSCA) (Surry Hills)

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service

National Tay-Sachs and Allied Diseases Association

Neami National (Preston)

Needle Clean Up Hotline (Surry Hills)

Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies Inc (Woolloomooloo)

Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) (Randwick)

Neurosensory- St Vincents (major location) (Darlinghurst)

New Street Sydney (North Parramatta)

NewAccess (Deakin)

NewAccess (Wagga Wagga)

Ngadhi Family Services (Eagle Vale)

Niagara Therapy - Head Office (Parkinson)

Ninja Babies - Designer Chewable Jewellery (Kiels Mountain)

No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) Bobby Goldsmith Foundation Inc. (Surry Hills)

Noah's Ark Inc. (Holder)

Noffs Foundation (Randwick)

Non-Smokers' Movement of Australia Inc (Haymarket)

North Belconnen Day Centre (Melba)

Northcott Therapy (Woden)

Northern Victoria Al Anon Family Groups (Mooroopna)

Northside Community Service (Dickson)

Not So Straight

NPS Medicine Wise (Surry Hills)

NSW & ACT Hereditary Cancer Registry (HCR) (Eveleigh)

NSW Aging and Disability Abuse Help Line

NSW Commission for Children and Young People (Surry Hills)

NSW Department of Education (Darlinghurst)

NSW Domestic Violence Line

NSW Health Care Complaints Commission-Information Material

NSW HIV/AIDS Information Line (Surry Hills)

NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service Multilingual Resources

NSW Multilingual Quitline - Arabic

NSW Multilingual Quitline - Mandarin and Cantonese

NSW Multilingual Quitline - Vietnamese

NSW Needle Clean Up Hotline

NSW Physical Disability Rugby League (NSWPDRLA) (Cabramatta)

NSW Police Marine Area Command (Balmain)

NSW Quitline

NSW Refugee Health Service (Liverpool)

NSW Stoma Limited (Stanmore)

NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) (Surry Hills)

NSW/ACT Cerebral Palsy Register (Allambie Heights)

Nursing Group (Casula)

Nutricia Medical

Nutrition Australia (Carlton)

Nutrition Australia - NSW Division (Oak Flats)

Nutrition Australia ACT Inc (Chifley)

Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Occupational Therapy - Wagga Base (Wagga Wagga)

Occupational Therapy Australia (Fitzroy)

Odyssey House Admissions and Intake Centre (Surry Hills)

Odyssey House Community Services, Chatswood (Chatswood)

Office of Sport (Sydney Olympic Park)

Older Persons Mental Health Community Team (Bruce)

Older Women's Network (OWN) NSW Inc (Newtown)

Omnigon P/L (Moonee Ponds)

On Fire Program (Wagga Wagga)

One M Engineering (Queanbeyan)

ONE80TC (Yarramundi)


Onward Stroke Club (Yarralumla)

OPAL Institute

Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling

Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling Service (Surry Hills)

Open Support (Darlinghurst)

Opiod Treatment Line (OTL)

Oricom International Pty Ltd (South Windsor)

Orthotic Department - Prince of Wales and Sydney Children's Hospitals (Randwick)

Osteogenesis Imperfecta Society of Australia

Osteopathy Australia (Chatswood)

Osteoporosis ACT (Bruce)

Osteoporosis Australia (OA)

Ostomy NSW Limited (Kirrawee)

Otitis Media Program (Wagga Wagga)

Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Support ACT Region (Hughes)

Overeaters Anonymous - Sydney (Dulwich Hill)

PAA Education (Jannali)

Paediatric Unit - Albury (Albury)

Paediatric Unit- Wagga Base Hospital (Wagga Wagga)

Pain Management Unit (Garran)

Palliative Care (PC) ACT (Lyneham)

Palliative Care Australia Inc (Griffith)

Palliative Care New South Wales (Sydney)

Paramedical Services Pty Limited (Prestons)

ParaQuad NSW (Newington)

Parent Line NSW

Parent Line NSW

Parentline NSW

Parents Beyond Breakup

Parents of Deaf Children (PODC) (Macquarie University)

Parkinson's NSW Limited (North Ryde)

Parkinsons ACT Inc (Pearce)

Parkinsons Support Group (Wagga Wagga)

Partners in Depression (Sydney)

Pathways Murrumbidgee - Treatment and Support Service (Wagga Wagga)

Pathways Murrumbidgee Drug and Alcohol Services (Wagga Wagga)

Patronato Inas Cisl (Fairfield)

PE4K Childcare Wagga Ashmont (Wagga Wagga)

Peak Performance Podiatry (Tumut)

Peer Support Australia (Macquarie Park)

Pegasus Hospital At Home - Newcastle (Cardiff)

Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd (Osborne Park)

Pendle Hill Crisis Centre (Pendle Hill)

People Against Drink/Drug Driving (Dandenong)

Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA) (North Fitzroy)

Personal Alarm Service (Garran)

Personal Helpers and Mentors Queanbeyan (Pialligo)

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Information Line (Canberra City)

Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme Information Line (PBS Information Line)

Phillip Baldock

Phoebe House Inc (Arncliffe)

Physiofamily Physiotherapy Business (Gundagai)

Pinnacle Community Care Services (Cootamundra)

Pinnacle Community Services (Temora)

PKU (Phenylketonuria) Association of NSW Inc

Play by the Rules

Playscape Creations

PMD Foundation

Poisons Information Hotline

Polio NSW Inc (North Parramatta)

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Association of Australia Inc

Positive Life NSW (Surry Hills)

Post Adoption Resource Centre (Hurstville)

Post-Polio Support Group ACT (Pearce)

Prader-Willi Syndrome Australia (PWSA)

Prader-Willi Syndrome Australia Ltd (PWSA)

Pregnancy Care and Education Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Pregnancy Help Sydney Inc

Pregnancy Help Sydney Inc

Pregnancy Help Sydney Inc

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby

Presbyterian Aged Care Paddington (Paddington)

Primary Health Centre - Dareton (Dareton)

Primary Health Networks (PHNs)

PRISMS - Parents and Researchers Interested in Smith Magenis Syndrome (Miranda)

Private Care (Bella Vista)

Private Health Insurance Ombudsman

Private Occupational Therapist- Kate Downing (Tumut)

Pro-Ed Australia (Burleigh)

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) (St Leonards)

PrYme Movers (Chifley)

Psoriasis Australia Inc (Carlton)

PXE NSW Support Group (Enfield)


Quad Quip Solutions P/L (Drouin)

Queen Elizabeth ll Family Centre (Curtin)

Quest for Life Foundation (Bundanoon)

QuestCare (Belconnen)

Quovus (Baulkham Hills)

Raising Children Network

Randwick Day Surgery (Randwick)

Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia (R&DVSA)

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia

Rare Chromosome Disorder Support Group of Australasia (Darlinghurst)

Raynaud's Association

RDNS Silver Chain Alarms (Osborne Park)

Reach Out

Reach out and Relax (Wagga Wagga)

ReachOut (Pyrmont)

Red Cross First Aid & Mental Health (RTO: 3605) (Canberra)

Red Cross Roadhouse (Canberra)


Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia Riverina (Wagga Wagga)

Relationships Australia Victoria Inc

Research and Education Network (Westmead)

Retina Australia Inc (Melbourne)

Rett Syndrome Association of Australia Inc (RSAA)

Richmond Fellowship - Residential Recovery Program (Pialligo)

RIDBC - Matilda Rose (Waverly)

Riding for the Disabled - Tumut (Tumut)

Right at Home Southern NSW (Wagga Wagga)

Right to Life Association (NSW) Inc (Sydney)

Righteous Pups Australia

Riverina Cancer Care Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Continence Advisory Service (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Diabetes Education (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Hand Therapy (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Kids Therapy (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Medical & Dental Aboriginal Corporation (Wagga Wagga)

Riverina Speech Pathology (Wagga Wagga)

Riverwood Aged Care (West Albury)

Road to Recovery Exercise Physiology (Springwood)

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) (Tumut)

Ronald McDonald House - Parkville (Parkville)

Ronald McDonald House - Randwick (Randwick)

Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney (Westmead)

Royal Far West (Manly)

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Eating Disorders Outpatient Clinic (Camperdown)

Royal Rehab (Ryde)

Royal Rehab (Ryde)

RSI and Overuse Injury Association ACT (Canberra)

RSL Lifecare Limited (Narrabeen)

Rural Counselling and Wellbeing (Lockhart)

Russell and Chalker Optometrists EyeCare Plus (Wagga Wagga)

Russian Relief Association of Sergius of Radonezh (Cabramatta)

SafeHome Program

Safely Home Program

Safety and Mobility Pty Ltd (Hornsby)

Safety Link Personal Response Service

SafeWork NSW (Lisarow)

Salvation Army Addiction Rehabilitation Services (Surry Hills)

San Miguel Family Centre - Yourtown (North Richmond)

SANE Australia (South Melbourne)

Schizophrenia Research Institute (SRI) (Randwick)

School Well Being Program (Wagga Wagga)

SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, an RIDBC service (Gladesville)

SCIC Cochlear Implant Program, an RIDBC service (Liverpool)

Scoliosis Australia

Second Skin Pty Ltd (Bondi Junction)

Secret Girls' Business


See-n-Speak Autism Language Resources (Baulkham Hills)

Self Protection Consultancy (Bondi Beach)

Seniors Information Service (Crows Nest)

Sensory Calm (Rowville)

Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (Auburn)

Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (Carramar)

Settlement Grants Program (Wagga Wagga)

Severe Behaviour Response Teams (SBRT)

Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP) (Surry Hills)

Sexual Health Info Link - SHIL

Sexual Health Service (Wagga Wagga)

Share the Dignity

Shelley Brennan Paediatric Speech Pathology (Wagga Wagga)

SHINE for Kids (Sydney)

Shoprider Mobility - Head Office (Malaga)

Short Statured People of Australia (SSPA) NSW Branch

SHOUT - Self Help Organisations United Together (Pearce)

Siblings Australia Inc

SIDS and Kids - Red Nose:Saving Little Lives (Lilyfield)

Signed Stories

Sjogrens Syndrome Rheumatoid Interest Support Group (Bruce)

Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) (Bull Creek)

Sleep Disorders Australia (SDA) - NSW Branch (Castle Hill)

SMART Recovery Australia (Sydney)

Smoke Alarm and Battery Replacement Program


Smoking Cessation Program and Quit for New Life Program (Wagga Wagga)

Social Work Department Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (Wagga Wagga)

SOFT Australia

Sol Music Therapy (Banora Point)

Solace Association NSW Inc.


Sony Foundation Australia

SOS Medical Alarms (Tumbulgum)

Sound Education (Torquay)

Sound Therapy International Pty Ltd (Albion Park Rail)

South East Sydney Commonwealth Carer Respite Centre (SESCCRC) (Hurstville)

South Pacific Private (Curl Curl)

South West Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (SWBIRS) (Lavington)

Southern Cross Care - Cootamundra (Cootamundra)

Southern Cross Care - Karinya Apartments (Corowa)

Southern Cross Care St Lawrence Residential Aged Care (Harden)

Spanner in the Works?

Special Needs Play Equipment (SNPE) (Smithfield)

Special Needs Resources

Specialised Wheelchair and Posture Seating Services (Kambah)

Spectronics (Underwood)

Speech Pathologist, Tumut Community Health (Tumut)

Speech Pathology, The Children's Hospital Westmead (Westmead)

SPELD NSW (Parramatta)

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia - Beach House, Coffs Harbour (Coffs Harbour)

Spinal Cord Injury Occupational Therapists (St Leonards)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Australia Inc. (Hallam)

Spinalistips- Tips & Tricks from People with Spinal Cord Injuries- Mobility- Driving a Car

SpineCare Foundation (North Parramatta)

Spiritual Care Programme

Sports Medicine Australia NSW Branch Ltd

St Andrews Village (Hughes)

St John Ambulance Australia (NSW) (Burwood)

St John Ambulance Australia Wagga Wagga Division (Wagga Wagga)

St John of God Hospital - Medical Centre (North Richmond)

St Johns Village Inc (Wangaratta)

St Vincent's Alcohol and Drug Information Service

St Vincent's Hospital Gambling Treatment Program (Darlinghurst)

St. George Family Medical Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Stand Up Right: Mineral Enhanced Orthotics

Standards Australia (Sydney)

STARTTS Southern NSW (Wagga Wagga)

Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS) (Sydney)

Statina Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd (Hornsby)

Stayput Restraints

STEPS (Watson)

Steve Marriott (Bangalow)

Steve Waugh Foundation (Cronulla)

Stickler Syndrome Australia (Kallangur)

Stop Here App

Strathdale Centre (Strathfield)

Stroke Foundation (Melbourne)

Stroke Foundation - NSW Office (Sydney)

Stroke Recovery Association Inc (Wollongong)

Stroke Recovery Association NSW (Putney)


StrokeSafe Volunteer Speaker Program (Sydney)

Strong Minds (Wagga Wagga)

Suicide Call Back Service

Suicide Prevention Medical Specialist Info Pty Ltd

Sunflower House (Wagga Wagga)

Support After Suicide Group (Wagga Wagga)

Susan Tavener-Waugh (Sylvania Waters)

swimspaplungepool (Warrimoo)

Sydney Adventist Hospital (Wahroonga)

Sydney Adventist Hospital - Cancer Support Centre (Wahroonga)

Sydney Children's Hospital (Randwick)

Sydney Children's Hospital, Cerebral Palsy Service (Randwick)

Sydney Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) (Randwick)

Sydney Eye Hospital (Sydney)

Synapse - NSW (Epping)

TabTimer - helping to keep people on-time

TAFE NSW South Region Disability Support (Albury)

TAFE NSW Student Services- Disability Support (Wagga Wagga)

Tai Chi for Arthritis Lessons (Wagga Wagga)

Talking with Young People about MND

Tamil Senior Citizens Association (NSW) Inc. (Homebush)

Tatton Medical Centre (Tatton)

Technipro-Pulmomed Pty Ltd (Clyde)

Ted Noffs Foundation PALM (Program for Adolescent Life Management) - West (Randwick)

Telepsychiatrist Online

Telstra Help Line for People with Disabilities

Temora Community Nursing Service (Temora)

Temora Senior Citizens Group (Temora)

Thai Welfare Association (Sydney)

Thalassaemia Society of NSW Inc (Camperdown)

Thalidomide Australia Inc

The Aboriginal Sustained Home Visiting Service (Wagga Wagga)

The Association of RDI Consultants of Australia Inc

The Australian Arthrogryposis Group

The Australian Council for Health Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER) (Adelaide)

The Australian Sjogren's Syndrome Association Inc (TASSA) (Murwillumbah)

The Australian Thyroid Foundation Ltd

The Benevolent Society - National Office (Glebe)

The Bush Chemist (Tumut)

The Butterfly Foundation - Sydney

The Cancer Council NSW (Orange)

The Cancer Council Of NSW (Woolloomooloo)

The CATS Foundation

The Central Day Club (Crace)

The Centre for Early Life Matters (ELM) (Yarralumla)

The Centre for Genetics Education (St Leonards)

The Children's Hospital at Westmead (Westmead)

The Children's Hospital at Westmead - Department of Adolescent Medicine (Westmead)

The Children's Hospital at Westmead - Diabetes Centre (Westmead)

The Children’s Hospital Institute of Sports Medicine (CHISM) (Westmead)

The Chromosome 18 Registry and Research Society Aust Inc

The Compassionate Friends NSW Inc and Bereaved Parent Centre (Sydney)

The Conversation - NDIS: how does the scheme view music therapy?

The CPAP Shop (Corrimal)

The Deafness Centre (Westmead)

The Flashcards (Farmborough Heights)

The Forest Centre (Griffith)

The Gender Centre (Annandale)

The Gut Foundation (Sydney)

The Haven Community Limited (Wagga Wagga)

The Health Care Complaints Commission (Sydney)

The Huntington Disease Outreach Service- Westmead hospital (Westmead)

The INS Group

The Kids Team South West Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (Wagga Wagga)

The Lab - Technology Club for Teens with Aspergers or high functioning Autism (Frenchs Forest)

The McGuire Programme ANZ (Sydney)

The Mercy Foundation Limited (Wollstonecraft)

The Mighty

The Mirabel Foundation (St Kilda)

The Myositis Association - Australia Inc Keep in Touch Group

The Natural Fertility Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

The Nest Family Chiropractic Centre (Tumut)

The OTIS Foundation Breast Cancer Retreats

The Pedi People

The Pioneers Lodge (Griffith)

The Prince of Wales Hospital & Community Health Services (Randwick)

The Promise Centre (Wagga Wagga)

The Rhythm Village (Rose Bay)

The Right Start Foundation (Tahmoor)

The Royal Life Saving Society NSW Branch (Castle Hill)

The Scleroderma Association of NSW Inc (Ashfield)

The Sensory Gym Pty Ltd (Hobartville)

The Shepherd Centre - Macquarie (Macquarie University)

The Shepherd Centre - Newtown (Newtown)

The Special Needs Dentistry Practice - Miranda (Miranda)

The Speech and OT Centre (Campsie)

The Trish Multiple Sclerosis Research Foundation

The Wagga and District Ostomates Support Group (Wagga Wagga)

The Way Ahead Directory

The Willows Private Nursing Home (Ashfield)

Therapy 4 Kids (Deakin)

Therapy Dogs Program

Theraquatics (Geebung)

TicTocTrack (Newstead)

Timehaven Pty Ltd (North Narrabeen)

Tocumwal Health Service (Tocumwal)

Touching Base Inc

Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia (TSAA) Inc (Randwick)

Tourette Syndrome Association of Australia Inc (TSAA) (Nedlands)

TPC Youth (Wagga Wagga)

Trail Street Medical Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Transcultural Mental Health Centre (TMHC) (North Parramatta)

Transition to Recovery Program (TREC) (Woden)

Transport for NSW, Centre for Road Safety

Transport NSW Passes and Concessions Office

Traumatic Stress Clinic (Westmead)

Tresillian Family Care Centre - Head Office (Belmore)

Tresillian Family Care Centre - Lismore (Lismore)

Tresillian in Murrumbidgee Family Care Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Tresillian Nepean Family Care Centre (Kingswood)

Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group (WA) Inc (Swanbourne)

Trinity Medical Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Tuberous Sclerosis Australia

Tuggeranong Community Health Centre (Greenway)

Tumut Back and Foot Clinic (Tumut)

Tumut Birthing and Babies Support (BaBs) (Tumut)

Tumut Community Health (Tumut)

Tumut District Hospital (Tumut)

Tumut Oral Health Service (Tumut)

Tumut Specialist Mental Health Drug and Alcohol (MHDA) (Tumut)

Tune In Not Out website

Turner Syndrome Association of Australia Ltd (Ballina)

Turner Syndrome Association of Australia Ltd (Warner)

Turvey Park Pharmacy (Wagga Wagga)

Unique Psychological Services (Lake Heights)

United Leukodystrophy Foundation (ULF)

Uniting Mirinjani (Weston)

UnitingCare Ageing Western Region - Dementia Monitoring Social Support Program

Uralba Hostel (Gundagai)

Urana Multi Purpose Service (Urana)

Urana MultiPurpose Service (Urana)

Vegan Society NSW (Broadway)

Veteran and Community Grants (Woden)

Veteran's Access Network Office - ACT (Phillip)

Veterans Access Network - Greater Western Sydney (Parramatta)

Victims Access Line (VAL) (Parramatta)

Victims Services (Parramatta)

Vietnamese Community in Australia NSW Chapter Inc (Bankstown)

Village Creek Health Centre (Kambah)

Viney Morgan Aboriginal Medical Service Cummeragunja (Moama)

VIP Tracker


Vision Australia - Albury (Albury)

Vision Australia - Wagga Wagga (Wagga Wagga)


Von Hippel-Lindau Family Alliance Australia (VHL Alliance)

Wagga Autism Support Group Inc

Wagga Foot Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga GP After Hours Service (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Little Steps (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Refugee Health and Dental Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Sexual Assault Service (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Base Hospital (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Breast Cancer Group Inc. (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Child and Family Health Service (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Community Health Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Community Health Centre (WWCHC) – Generalist Counselling Service (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Medical Centre (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Multiple Birth Association (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Police Station (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Rescue Squad Inc. (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Wagga Social Slimmers Club (Wagga Wagga)

Wagga Women’s Health Centre Inc. (Wagga Wagga)

WallCann (Brisbane)

Warruwi Gambling Help (Wagga Wagga)

Wat Buddha Dhamma Forest Monastery (Wisemans Ferry)

Waves of Wellness (Manly)

WayAhead Mental Health Association NSW (Woolloomooloo)

WayAhead Telephone Information Services (Woolloomooloo)

Wayback Ltd (Harris Park)

Webstercare - Manrex Pty Ltd (Leichhardt)

Weight Watchers (Mona Vale)

Wellways (Parramatta)

Wentworth District Hospital and Health Service (Wentworth)

Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Program (Carlingford)

West Connect Domestic Violence Services (Katoomba)

Westmead Centre for Oral Health (Westmead)

Westmead Fertility Centre (Westmead)

Westmead Hospital - Bone Marrow Transplant Service (Westmead)

Westmead Hospital Urology Nursing Service (Westmead)

Westmead Private Hospital (Westmead)

Westmead Specialist Dental Care (Westmead)

WHAT, The Hearing Centre (Lane Cove)

Wheelchair Sports NSW (WSNSW) (Putney)

White Wreath Association Ltd

Wilkins International Pty Ltd (Vermont)

Windsor Baths (Beaumont Hills)

Windsor Shoemaker Pty Ltd and Starbright Orthopaedic Shoes (North Bondi)

Wolper Jewish Hospital (Woollahra)

Women Partners of Bisexual Men Service (Leichhardt)

Women with Disabilities Australia (North Hobart)

Women's Centre for Health & Wellbeing Albury/Wodonga Inc (Albury)

Women’s Health Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

WWHS Dental Clinic (Wagga Wagga)

WyMedical Pty Ltd (Myrtle Bank)

Yfoundations Incorporated (Redfern)

YMCA Mobilisers (Chifley)

Young Carers - Carers NSW

Young Chiropractic Centre (Young)

Young Ostomates United Inc - Y.O.U Inc. (Melbourne)

Youth Insearch Foundation (Australia) Inc (Castle Hill)

Youth Off The Streets (Mascot)

Youthsafe (Ryde)

YWCA Encore after Breast Cancer Gentle Exercise Program (Wagga Wagga)

Zortex Orthotics (Artarmon)