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Description: Use the website link for online search for a Notary in your area. A notary public, public notary, or notary, is a public officer, usually a practising solicitor or attorney, appointed for life by a State or Territory Supreme Court, or by an English Archbishop in the case of Queensland, and given statutory powers to witness documents, administer oaths, and perform other wide-ranging administrative functions of a national and international nature. A Notary Public not only takes oaths, signs and witnesses documents for use within Australia, but also performs similar functions in respect of international documents for use outside Australia.
Justices of the Peace (JPs) in Australia provide services similar to Notaries, but are not qualified to witness documents for use in foreign countries.
Another useful link is NOTE: this is a private website which lists Public Notaries who have paid a subscription fee. It does not contain a full list of practising Australian Notaries.

Area Served: City of Joondalup

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