Data Diction is an Australian software development company which has been working with Government and community organisations since 1998.

Our emphasis is on working with client groups to evolve powerful but easy to use and affordable solutions to complex problems.

We supply database applications, designed, developed and supported in Australia, to well over 100 organisations including Local Government authorities, Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres, Service Providers and NGOs.

We currently have projects in the following product areas:


Community Information

LINCS is designed for Local Government and NGOs to provide publicly searchable databases of community services. LINCS is used by almost all councils in the Sydney area and a growing number of regional and inter state councils.

The software provides easy-to-use methods for updating records, producing printed and online directories and publishing the data on the web in a customised form that matches your web site. Your data may be kept separate from other users of the system or you can cooperate with other organisations to share the task of maintaining records.


Commonwealth Carer Respite Centres

CM4 (Client Manager Version 4) is a proven and effective client management system used by organisations who auspice the national Commonwealth Carer Respite programme.

CM4 allows organisations to manage client relationships and report under NRCP and FaHCSIA respite programmes. The system also has a bed booking facility for those organisations who manage residential respite beds in their region.

CHSP, HACC, Disability, NRCP and other Service Providers

CM5 (Client Manager Version 5) is an evolution of CM4 developed for service providers funded under a range of government programmes including CHSP, HACC, NDA and NRCP.

Being a low cost system CM5 is intended to bridge the gap between free government supplied systems and much more expensive Client Management systems.

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